Time for Change

Are you ready to set aside your addictive urges and align yourself with the healing forces in you? Richard Hartnett's Sobriety and Inspiration will give you many new insights and tools to restore your health and self-respect. Click here for an inside look at the innovative and life changing solutions found in Sobriety and Inspiration

Sobriety and Inspiration is the key to sobriety

The key to sobriety is learning to follow our healthy inspirations.  The founders of Alcoholics Anonymous were inspired to develop the twelve-step program and write the A.A. Big Book.  In a similar manner, we too can be guided by sobriety by embracing our sober inspirations that are deep within us.

Sobriety and Inspiration will show you how to live in an inspired way, not merely how to reach sobriety.  Inside Sobriety and Inspiration you will find:

  • Awaken your Healthy Self - the part of you that truly desires to reach sobriety and the part of you that connects with your creative forces.
  • Recognizing your Healthy Self will give you a new inner resource – that allows you to tackle destructive forces with a new confidence!
  • Exercises, mediations, and dialogs that will renew your sense of self – and strengthen your Inner Guide.
  • The key to sobriety!

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the Competing Voices Within

To change our behavior and get sober, we must first learn to recognize the powerful inner forces that compel us to act negatively. Richard Hartnett draws upon the experience of people in recovery to deliver a clear and extensive roadmap for understanding an addiction, whether it's with alcohol, drugs, food, gambling or sex. Click on each sub-personality below to learn more: