Time for Change

Are you ready to set aside your addictive urges and align yourself with the healing forces in you? Richard Hartnett's Sobriety and Inspiration will give you many new insights and tools to restore your health and self-respect. Click here for an inside look at the innovative and life changing solutions found in Sobriety and Inspiration

Overcome Meth Addiction

People who become captivated in meth addiction suffer great anguish until they find a way to escape its power over them.  Usually they begin using methamphetamine to increase their energy, sexual excitement, cognitive ability, and sense of wellbeing.  But their need to increase the dose to feel good leads to meth addiction.  It creeps up until it dominates their lives.  And they wonder how this could have happened to them, how they could have developed meth addiction. 

While there is no foolproof method for defeating meth addiction, the book Sobriety and Inspiration provides many new insights and tools to deal with it. It reveals, for example, how people with meth addiction have resorted to taking meth as a way to compensate for the oppression they feel from their inner Tyrant.  Learning how to cope with this tormenting figure inside them will weaken their cravings to get high. This book also explains how the inner Addict operates, and how to gain access to the Healthy Self as well.   There is nothing else like this book on the market today.

Beneath meth addiction there is usually a lot of anxiety.  This book addresses this issue:  two of its chapters are titled Stop Scaring Yourself and Calm Down.  This book provides many practical exercises to alleviate anxiety and thereby help to overcome meth addiction.

If someone you know is struggling with meth addiction, Sobriety and Inspiration is just the right gift for them.  It will activate the healing forces in them and enable them to get out from under their meth addiction.  Even more, this book will motivate them to rely upon their Healthy Self and eventually show others how to overcome meth addiction as well. 

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